PET-ART museum


Thanks to my idea for PET-ART (Plastic Bottle Art) the necessity of searching for bottles in recycle bins to choose materials for my work was born. Shortly after, I found out that the assortment of plastic bottles had changed very quickly; some of my favorite models had suddenly disappeared and others had surfaced. It became clear that it was necessary to preserve these seemingly worthless and ephemeral objects for the future as a testament of the time.That’s why in 2007 I started, together with my husband Michal Cihlář, to create a collection of this vision. A collection full of inexpected variety; it maps consistently the evolution of the design of plastic bottles, presents their global character as well as their local differences and points out a problem of the imitatation of patterns.

The collection is being continously extended thanks to many friends and supporting people, who are always bringing us new types from around the world.

At the moment, the collection contains about 3000 items from 76 countries. More…




Part of the collection