My workshops are focused on developping creative thought and perfection of manual ability with both adults and children. I have been working with children from 5 years of age. For adults, the aim is to also do away with creative blocks and allow them to become motivated for their next artistic project.

Workshops offered

Drawing, painting, 3D creating – classical techniques in non-traditional interpretation: Flying carpet, Treasure on the Road, Prehistoric Hunter, Boys Day… etc. (children), In the Manner of Masters, Azulejos, Paestum…etc. (adults)

PET-ART (plastic bottle art) workshops: The Flowers of PET, The Monarchs, The Hidden Face, In Air and on Earth…etc.

up-cycling workshops: The Magic Lamp, The Mexican Day of the Dead, Across Europe with Full Pocket…etc. (up-cycling: recycling with the thought, changing  waste and packaging materials into creative objects)

workshops on the theme: tailor-made workshops for special opportunities

The price of workshops is individual according to the demands (topic, place, time, number of participants …)


Lviv UA (920)

Lvov (Ukrajina) 2013

Ostrov (15)

Letohrádek Ostrov 2012

Středisko ekologické výchovy Čabárna 2011

Středisko ekologické výchovy Čabárna 2011